Dr. Haebe's Guide to Getting Pregnant Quickly with Premom: Getting Started (Before TTC Cycle 1)

Congratulations on your decision to start a family, and welcome to the beginning of the journey that will bring you to parenthood!

While conception can get complicated quickly, we’re here to simplify the process for you. In fact, we care about your success so much that we’ve created a 9-cycle money-back guarantee. Either you get pregnant with us within 9 valid cycles, or we’ll refund you! Follow along with this series to learn everything you need to know to get pregnant quickly, easily and naturally.

Getting Started!

1. Download Premom 

woman looking to download the Premom ovulation tracker app

Download the Premom app on your iOS or Android device for free!

2. Sign up for Premom’s Free 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unable to conceive in 9 valid cycles, you'll get a full refund for any Premom or Easy@Home ovulation and pregnancy tests and/or Easy@Home basal body temperature thermometers. To further support you, we'll even provide you with a free consultation with one of our very own Premom fertility experts, if you aren't pregnant after 6 valid cycles.


Easy@Home ovulation and pregnancy test kit with basal thermometer


3. Purchase ovulation predictor kits (ovulation tests) and a basal body temperature thermometer. 

Take advantage of great in-app discounts on Premom cycle tracking products. We recommend starting with:

We’ll discuss what these are and how to best utilize them; keep reading! 

4. Start tracking ovulation (ovulation tests and basal body temperature)  

ovulation test fertility chart


Ovulation Tests:

  • Ovulation tests  (Luteinizing Hormone Strips) also known as Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs)
  • These ovulation tests look for a particular hormone that triggers ovaries to ovulate, or release an egg, that can be fertilized and result in successful pregnancy.
  • LH levels start to increase 1-5 days before ovulation occurs on ovulation day. These are very commonly used as an ovulation predictor
  • They are easy to use, just a few minutes a day; easy to read the results and enter them into the Premom app; you can utilize them at home or on-the-go to help you predict your ovulation accurately!
Basal body temperature chart curve

    Basal Body Temperature:

    • Your basal body temperature is another way to help identify when you are ovulating in future cycles; it will typically be lower the first half of your cycle, but after ovulation it will raise at least 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the past 6 days of lower temperatures. This is how the Premom app learns about your cycle and uses data you input, such as BBT, to predict your fertile window in subsequent months!

    5. Start tracking your symptoms and intercourse

    Start tracking your period, along with any symptoms that you may be experiencing in the Premom app.  We also recommend logging when you engage in intercourse so that you are able to visualize where you are in your fertile window. Keep in mind, the first day of bleeding is considered cycle day 1 (CD1) of your cycle.

    Not only does Premom allow you to track your periods, but you can even take pictures of your ovulation tests, automatically sync your BBT thermometer readings, enter your cervical mucus descriptions, track your mood, weight gain and more! 

    That's it!  You're all set to begin tracking your first cycle with Premom.

    Dr. Patti Haebe is a results-obsessed naturopathic doctor. She specializes in pre-conception preparation, fertility and hormone optimization. She is committed to root-cause healing through therapeutic supplementation as well as targeted diet and lifestyle modifications.  Her virtual practice, Ocotillo Integrative Medicine, provides integrative consultations worldwide via webcam for those looking to incorporate natural, proactive approaches to their healthcare and fertility journey. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Haebe right through your Premom app!