What is an EMS Unit? What are the Differences Between EMS and TENS?

What is an EMS Unit? What are the Differences Between EMS and TENS?

What is an EMS Unit? 

EMS or Electronic Muscle Stimulation is the process of causing muscle contractions using an external electrical charge or pulse, usually created by an EMS device. Stimulation of muscular tissues is utilized to cure swelling and irritation that can place a pressure on both the muscles and supporting joints. In this way, EMS devices can cause a reduction of pain and help to reestablish working muscles and joints.

What Are the Differences Between EMS and TENS?

The TENS unit, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, and the EMS unit, can both be used to treat chronic pain. Although the units have similar functions, their names indicate their different applications. A TENS unit stimulates the nerve ending, while the EMS unit stimulates the muscles.

The simplest way to explain the differences is that an EMS unit pulse goes directly to the muscle and causes a noticeable movement and contraction of the muscle. A TENS unit produces signals that bypass the muscle, going deep into the nerve to block pain. EMS is helpful with muscle recovery, muscle strengthening, or massaging of sore muscles. TENS is usually used from everyday pain relief to acute and chronic conditions. For example, a person with tennis elbow could use TENS, which can help him with blocking pain, as well as stimulating circulation in the area to aid in the healing process. By using a TENS unit, it can also help him with the stimulation of endorphins-the body’s natural painkillers. This chemical can make you feel better and relieve pain. However, a person who has pulled a muscle or has done an intense workout would benefit from EMS. Massaging of the muscle group assists with the decrease in recovery time required.

To conclude, EMS should be used for recovery, rehabilitation, strength, and toning. TENS should be used to treat pain. Easy@Home found that some chronic pain sufferers that can be benefit from both TENS and EMS. TENS & EMS dual units, such as the EHE029G model, are available for this purpose. The combination of pain reduction and muscle stimulation at the cellular level provides increased muscle tone and decreased levels of chronic pain. This EHE029G rechargeable device accommodates every sensitivity level with a vast scope of settings. With 8 massage types, 16 different modes, 20 strength levels, 2 independent channels and a 10-60 minute adjustable timer, you will find the perfect pulse sensation for you.


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