Why Finding Your LH Peak is the Key to Getting Pregnant!

Why Finding Your LH Peak is the Key to Getting Pregnant!

Lh Peak and your ovulation day

After finding the Lh peak, the highest level of your luteinizing hormone, you could expect your ovulation day coming in the next 24-36 hours and plan sexes accordingly. 

Therefore, we could know to find Lh peak is the goal of cycle tracking for pregnancy. Besides using a ovulation testing kits, the basal body temperature (bbt) and checking your cervical mucus are the other two common ways to confirm if you are in most fertile days. 

We have the Statistics to prove it

Premom aims to achieve the highest pregnancy rate among all ovulation calendar and pregnancy apps. We constantly analyze ways to make a more successful path for each individual woman who is trying to get pregnant faster with ovulation tests or other fertility awareness methods.  We were surprised to find out that getting pregnant could be so simple, and we know a lot of women don’t know how simple it can be.

We studied all recorded pregnant women’s data at Premom and found that over 90% of those users who found their luteinizing hormone peak (LH peak) were using ovulation tests. An LH peak is when your luteinizing hormone is at its highest amount and it indicates ovulation will occur within the next 24-36 hours. With this strong relevance between finding LH peak (ovulation) and pregnancy, we further studied all women who have successfully found LH Peak and who haven’t.

To our surprise, only 66% of the women studied found their LH peak, and the rest did not.  We dug deeper into the data to find out what those women did differently. We will share the most important findings here with you.

For those users who successfully found LH peak:

  1. 85% of them tested 5+ days each cycle until they found the LH peak.
  2. 83% of them consistently uploaded ovulation tests to Premom and found peak in just 3 cycles. 

For those who haven’t found LH peak:

  1. 94% tested only 3 days or less each cycle;
  2. 78% stopped uploading any tests to Premom shortly within one cycle. 

The data doesn’t lie! Commitment yields results. And this commitment is not so challenging: just keep testing for 5+ days per cycle for at least 3 cycles!  

It is true, some women have complications that might interfere with fertility regardless of correct tracking. But according to CDC data, “The percent of married women ages 15-44 that are infertile is 8.8%”, so we can postulate that over 91.2% of women ages 15-44 are fertile and can get pregnant naturally.  Interestingly, we found from our own Premom study that about 92% of successfully pregnant women found their LH peak.

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Takeaways for you to find Lh peaks

Based on our experience with ovulation predictor kits, we made a 4 tips for you to find your Lh peak easier:

1. Start testing at least once a day after your period till you confirm a Lh peak

2. Follow the best practice when testing for your ovulation

3. Track your bbt and symptoms at the same time to confirm an ovulation

4. Sync with your Premom app to get more insights into your cycle patterns


Sometimes the most valuable information is the simplest. Spread the word to all of your #ttcsisters! Grab your ovulation tests and let’s make your baby dreams come together.


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