Why It Is Important to Log Your Period On Time

Why It Is Important to Log Your Period On Time

Today, over 90% of women under 40 use a period tracker (NIH). The main reasons are for health tracking and fertility tracking. However, according to our studies, many women log their period when first signing up for their tracking app, but keep forgetting to log their new period as soon as it comes or as soon as it ends. This will cause inaccurate period data.

Without accurate period data, neither the ovulation calculator nor the period prediction will be able to work correctly.

Your body is unique. Not only are cycles different from one woman to another, but there are even differences within a woman’s own cycles. However, among all the signs between your ovulation cycle and menstrual cycle, the period is the most physically obvious and easy to track.

The period and ovulation are both important signs of fertility, and they are strongly interrelated.

Any ovulation calculator, predictor, or test can always have the chance of being inaccurate, but period data can be 100% accurate as long as you log it on time. The more consistently you log your period, the more accurate your predictions will be.

The Relationship Between Ovulation and Menstruation

Period Days and Ovulation Day mark the three important phases of the menstrual cycle: the Follicular Phase, Ovulation Day, and the Luteal Phase. The Follicular Phase starts from the first Period Day and ends with Ovulation. The Luteal Phase starts after ovulation and ends before your period starts.

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Both ovulation day and the first period day can vary from cycle to cycle. However, the Luteal Phase length, which lasts from after ovulation day until the first day of the next period, is usually a fixed length, and does not fluctuate by even one day.

Therefore, some women who have regular periods and regular ovulation can easily predict ovulation using just a period calculator or tracking app. Even women with irregular menstrual cycles or periods can do this, since the majority of women have a fairly stable Luteal Phase.

With accurate period logging, Premom ovulation calculator & period tracker can work for you with the highest accuracy for both predictions.  

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