Research Finds Cervical Mucus Tracking, Ovulation Tests and Premom App to Be Promising Combo

Research Finds Cervical Mucus Tracking, Ovulation Tests and Premom App to Be Promising Combo

Monitoring your cycles with the Premom ovulation tracking app in combination with daily ovulation tests and cervical mucus tracking can contribute to quicker diagnoses and treatments, finds a 2021 study by Dr. Levia and Dr. DiRienzo, published inĀ The Annals of Family Medicine.

Study and Findings

Innovative e-technology can now respond to concerning conditions around ā€œirregular cycles, infertility, hormonal disturbances and natural birth methodsā€ with aid from virtual appsā€™ data. 104 patients were directed to monitor their daily cervical mucus secretions and perform urinary tests (ovulation tests) and track them with Premom. Predicted ovulation by the Premom app and Easy@Home testing products were clinically confirmed with blood test results.
The research concluded that the use of e-technology for monitoring the menstrual cycle was very satisfying for both the patients and their providers, allowing for effective and timely input in diagnosis and treatment. This was a particularly exciting discovery during a period of increased remote monitoring!

Ovulation Tests and Cervical Mucus Tracking

Though many women track with ovulation tests alone, combining ovulation tests with cervical mucus tracking can be quite the successful combination!Ā  While ovulation tests help predict ovulation through directly trackingĀ the luteinizing hormone (LH) thatĀ peaks 24-36 hours before ovulation, changes inĀ cervical mucus (CM) can also indicate the onset of a woman's fertile period, as well as indicate the overall health of her cycle.Ā  (Learn more in the articleĀ Ovulation is a Sign of Health!)

What's Next for Premom

Premom is thrilled at this discovery and dedicated to enhancing the experience both for users and their providers.Ā  To advance patient-clinician sharing, Premom is launching exportable PDF reports from the app. The reports organize the patient's fertility tracking into simplified charts for clinician evaluation, also providing helpful analysis and guidance so patients can optimize their time trying to conceive.