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Accugence - Hemoglobin Blood Starter Kit with 50 x Hemoglobin Strips

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Accugence - Hemoglobin Blood Meter Starter Kit

This Hemoglobin Blood Meter is one of a few next generation, highly advanced multi-monitoring systems available at an affordable price. This Hemoglobin Test Starter Kit is specifically focused on people wanting to test their Hemoglobin levels on a regular basis.


Accurate Results

This Hemoglobin blood monitor will provide you with quick, accurate data. Make data-driven decisions.

Easy To Use & Pain-free Sample

There is no calibration or control solution required and a tiny 1.5ul blood sample is all that is needed.


The following Test Strips are included:

- 50 x Hemoglobin Test Strips (The other Test Strips listed above can be bought separately)

This device can ALSO test for Glucose (GDH-FAD & GOD), Hemoglobin, Uric Acid and Blood ketone although ONLY the Accugence Device and Hemoglobin Test Strips are included in this specific starter kit.



- Clinically Proven Accuracy: Lab Quality
- Tiny Sample Volume Required
- Fast Reading Time
- Hematocrit Interference Compensation
- Auto Test Strip Type Recognitions
- Allow 2nd Sample Application Within 3 seconds
- Wider storage temperature
- 8 Electrodes



Blood Hemoglobin Test
- Measurement Range: 3.0 g/dL ~ 26.0 g/dL
- Sample Volume: 1.5ul
- Testing Time: 15 seconds
- Sample type: Fresh Whole Blood (Capillary, Venous)
- Storage Temperature: 2-30­°C
- Open Vial Shelf-life: 3 months
- Strip shelf-life(Unopened): 18 months


What's in the box
1 x Multi-Function Blood Meter Monitoring system
50 x Hemoglobin Test Strips
1 x Carrying device
1 x Lancing Device
10 x Lancets
2 x Batteries (Inside Device)
1 x Instruction Sheet