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Eldoncard - Blood Type Test - Single Pack

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Why use the Eldon Blood Type Test?

Have you found yourself or someone in your life asking: "How can I check my blood type at home?"

This single-use blood type test kit contains everything needed to perform a complete blood type test at home for ABO and Rh (Rhesus). With this blood typing kit, it's now quicker & easier than ever to identify your blood type.


Why know your Blood Type?

Knowing your blood type can help you understand your health better;
it is also needed for blood donations and important for safe pregnancies.
Most critically, it could save your life if you need an emergency blood transfusion. You can learn your blood type in just a couple of minutes using the EldonCard.

Some blood types are linked to higher risk of certain medical conditions:
Type AB, A and B are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular complications such as heart disease, blood clots (thrombosis), and stroke. Types A, B, and AB are up to 82 percent more likely to develop cognition and memory problems compared to those with Type O.


About the Eldoncard:

EldonCards have been manufactured and used for more than 40 years. Over time millions of cards have been utilised to establish individuals’ blood group within the AB0-Rhesus (D) systems and to ensure compatibility of patient/donor blood.


What do I need to perform the test?

All you need to Test is: 1) this blood typing test kit, and 2) a drop of blood from your finger, (which is easily obtained with the included sterile disposable lancets)!


How do I perform the test?

This affordable kit comes complete with everything you need, including instructions, finger lancet and alcohol prep, plastic applicator sticks and testing card. Performing the test is easy. After first cleaning with the supplied alcohol prep pad, the finger is lanced with the sterile disposable lancet. The hand is then turned downward and a drop of blood is placed on top of each of the four sticks. The sticks are then applied to the card, and stirred for two minutes. The results are then read from the card. Total time to results is less than six minutes. Single use blood typing kit (for educational purposes only).





Eldoncard - Blood Type Test - Instructions Leaflet


What's in the box
1 x Eldoncard Test
1 x Skin Cleaning Swab
4 x EldonSticks
2 x Automatic Lancets
1 x Plastic Dropper
1 x Instruction Leaflet